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96" wide Dump Bodies
Spread Material: bulk salt, salt & sand mix
Feed Mechanism: 6" Auger with 3/8" flighting
Power Source: hydraulic
• Stainless steel or orange powder-coated carbon steel
• Material spread up to 40'
• Hydraulic power drives auger and spinner
• Standard discharge or left discharge
• 10-gauge trough has 3-point hinged bottom cover for easy access to entire auger assembly and one-person cleanout.
• 6" auger with 3/8" flighting, includes auger screen
• 18" poly spinner
• Sealed, self-aligning 1-1/4" diameter bearing with grease fitting
• Low-speed, high-torque orbital motors.
• Hydraulic safety lockout system.
• Optional powder coated spill shields (924F0106PR)
• Optional stainless steel spill shields (924F0106SSPR)

Buyers Underbody Hydro Salt Spreader

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